Mahesweta DeviMahashweta Devi is a political-anthropologist, widely acknowledged as one of India's foremost and revered writers. Her illustrious literary career serves as a repertory of the myriad struggles of the common people in contemporary India. Her works include, 'Jhansir Rani' (1956), Amrita Sanchay (1964), Hajar Churashir Ma (1975), Aranyer Adhikar (1977), Agnigarbha (1978), Stanadayini (1998).

Her powerful stories about the dispossessed along with her activism on their behalf have made her one of the best known, and most frequently translated Indian authors. Of her faith in the downtrodden, she has said the following: "The reason and inspiration for my writing are those people who are exploited and used, and yet do not accept defeat." Her trenchant, powerful, satiric fiction and extraordinary participant observation research work has brought her recognition in the form of Sahitya Akademi award (1979), Padmashree (1986), Jnanpith award (1996), the prestigious international Magsaysay award for journalism, literature and creative communication (1997) and most recently, the Padma Vibhushan in 2006.